Black Forest Ceramic Finishing Kits


Black Forest Ceramic Kits

Our Ceramic finishes are designed to be used as an additional layer of protection over top of your existing finish. We recommend our Black Forest Furniture Oil.

What makes our coatings different?

We are the Original Woodworking Ceramic Coating. Ceramic coatings have been around for years in the automotive industry, utilizing solvent based formulas. Not only are solvent formulas more hazardous to your health, they are not fully compatible with oil based finishes like the ones typically seen in woodworking. Excessive use of solvent based coatings will eventually strip the protective oil from your table. Our coatings are specifically formulated for use over woodworking finishes. By utilizing a water based formula, no damage is done to the oil underneath; the water simply evaporates after application, leaving the protective coating.

Typically, the protective ingredient found in ceramic coatings is SiO2 (silicon dioxide). However, in recent years, some incredible advancements have been made using Graphene as the protective ingredient, proving to be superior to SiO2. Therefore, all of the Black Forest coatings are made using Graphene. 

Base Coat:

Durable and scratch resistant finish that reaches a thickness of 2-2.5 microns per layer. The 9H hard finish bonds and penetrates into the surface.

Gold: 1 year protection

Platinum: 2 year protection

Diamond: 5 year protection

Top Coat:

Improves the shine, smoothness and strength of the base coat.

Pair the Black Forest Ceramics Top Coat and Base Coat for additional protection. Can be reapplied yearly or bi-yearly to protect and extend the Base Coat Ceramic coating and hydrophobicity.


  • Fast Curing
  • Water beads on surface
  • Anti-Scratch
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti-Abrasion
  • Renews old surfaces
  • Strong UV protection
  • High Film Hardness (9H) - one hardness level below diamonds
  • Protects against water spots
  • Fills tiny cracks and micropores, making the surface smooth, even and glossy
  • Exceptional hydrophobic (water-resistant) and oleophobic (fingerprint resistant) properties
  • Durability up to 2 years per layer (depending on general wear and tear)
  • Coverage is 2 sqft/mL

    Included in kit:

    •  Top Coat
    •  Base Coat of your choice
    • Applicator Block
    • 4 , 6 or 12 Microfibre applicator cloths based on the kit size

    Sold in equal parts 1:1 Top coat and Base coat (Kit size includes the total of both containers) Example: 20mL kit has 10mL of base and 10mL top coat

    The time between application is about 30 minutes, about 8 hours dry to touch (you can use it but no liquids) and 24 hours for full cure.

    *We have updated the labeling and names of some products as of Oct. 2022

    Our old "Base Coat" is the equivalent of the new "Gold Base Coat"

    Our old "Graphene" is the equivalent of the new "Platinum Base Coat"

    "Diamond" is a brand new coating, our most durable coating.

    "Top Coat" is unchanged.

    Please view our question and answer section below and feel free to ask a question for more information.