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Is Your Product Toxic?

No! Unlike other brands, our products are completely water based and non-toxic. Most other products on the market use harmful solvents as a carrier. This is not only dangerous for your health but can also cause damage if used over an oil based finish.

How much can I cover with Black Forest Ceramics?

Our coatings cover 2 sqft. per 1 ml of prodcut. A 100ml bottle will cover 200 sqft.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a material that is extracted from graphite and is made up of pure carbon. Graphene stands out for being tough, flexible, light, and with a high resistance. It's calculated that this material is 200 times more resistant than steel and five times lighter than aluminum.

Typically, the protective ingredient found in ceramic coatings is SiO2 (silicon dioxide). However, in recent years, some incredible advancements have been made using Graphene as the protective ingredient, proving to be superior to SiO2. Therefore, all of the Black Forest coatings are made using Graphene. 

What is the difference between Gold, Platinum, and Diamond?

The difference between the three grades of our coatings is the amount of protective ingredients in formula. This determines how long the product is rated for.

Gold: 1 year protection

Platinum: 2 year protection

Diamond: 5 year protection

Application guide

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