About US

The Black Forest Wood Company was founded in 1993, originally beginning as a custom solid wood door manufacturer. Over the years, we have expanded our manufacturing into furniture making and also began supplying premium materials and supplies to woodworkers.
Through our experience creating pieces for prestigious clientele all around the globe, we have found a need to use nothing but the best products available on our work. Often times, this requires us to come up with our own formulas or new products all together. This is exactly what happened with our ceramic coating. We felt limited by the durability offered by traditional wood finishing products. After making observations from the high end automotive industry, we noticed ceramic coatings were the gold standard in paint protection. This lead us to contact a luxury coating manufacturer in Slovenia. We then worked with them to develop the first ever woodworking ceramic coating. Not only is the prodcut the first of its kind, but we are continually innovating to stay ahead of the knock-offs.
Other products quickly appeared advertising themselves as "woodworking" ceramics, however they are simply re-labeling pre-existing automotive products. These products are solvent based and not compatible with oil based woodworking finishes.